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Luxury linen by Double Jersey

Thirty years ago, we brought together a team of experts to create the perfect fitted-sheet.

Before us, research into threads and fabrics was mainly focussed on the clothing industry. Our company decided to bring about the same changes to the world of bed-linen.

This extensive research led to the creation of the Double Jersey fitted-sheet “Your perfect partner in bed”.

Double Jersey  fitted-sheets are fashionable, comfortable, practical and long lasting. Double Jersey fitted-sheets now come in more than thirty colors and in all common mattress sizes. We are proud that for thirty years we are contributing to the quality of sleep of many thousands of people every year.

The Double Jersey Team

All Double Jersey products are Oeko-Tex® certified.
OEKO-TEX® Certification guarantees that every component of our products have been tested for harmful substances and are therefore harmless for human health. The tests are conducted by independent OEKO-TEX® institutes, it takes into account numerous regulated and non-regulated substances, which may be harmful to human health. OEKO-TEX® goes beyond national and international requirements.

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Double Jersey™ fitted sheets are made using a sophiticated double-knitting technique. This allows us to be uncompromising on the fine cotton thread we use and still obtain the optimal level of stretch in out fabric. The stretch allows for a perfect fit and a sheet that need no ironing at all.

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Double Jersey Fitted Sheets are knitted out of pure soft cotton that is durable and easy-care this makes it an ideal product for babies and children. Babies love to sleep on Double Jersey Fitted Sheets which means you have a good sleep too.

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Discover Double Jersey™ Fitted Sheets

Explore our fitted-sheet collection made out of 100% pure cotton. Colour coordinate your bedroom with our large selection of fashionable colours. Our sheets are available in a large number of sizes suitable for all mattress shapes and sizes.

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