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Throughout our lives, we spent average 26 years sleeping. Surprisingly, we spent 7 years in trying of sleeping. Having a great mattress, bed sheet and duvet is an absolute must in order to have a pleasant sleep. We always need more information in comparing bed-sheet fiber material. Today we are going to talk about Double Jersey bed sheets fiber.

What is the importance of bed-sheet fiber materials?

Bed sheets fiber is the material from which bed-sheets are made, it is of a big importance in contributing a good night sleep for you and your family. Double Jersey fitted sheets are made exclusively from the finest combed cottons to give your sheet a great look and an unequalled feel. Our team is involved in every step of the process from the selection of premium 100% cotton yarn through the weaving until the last stitch of the pocket-tailoring. Double Jersey bed-sheets are produced in three types of matterials which include 100% Long Pile Combed Cotton, 100% Extra Fine Combed Cotton and Brushed Cotton (Flannel). The natural elements used in our bed-sheets makes them breathable and very skin-friendly. Bed-sheet fiber material is important, thats why you need to know what are the differences in comparing.

Double jersey sheets collections
Double Jersey Fitted-sheets Collections



We are proud to present our top-quality Double-Jersey Fitted-Sheets that comes in pretty much every fashionable colour …

It will do wonders to the quality of your sleep and give your bedroom an exciting new look.

In short …

Your perfect partner in bed !!


Double Jersey – Long Pile 100% Comber Cotton Fitted Bed Sheets

Long-pile Combed Cotton is a luxurious cotton typically associated with the label. Long-pile combed cotton is recognized as one of the highest-quality cottons available. When used to make bedsheets, it produces lavish, silky sheets that become softer each time they are washed. Our stylists have carefully developed a wide range of colours to complement your bedrooms interior. The breathability of the 100% long pile cotton we use, and the thickness achieved by the close-knitting make it uniquely suitable all-year round use, it will keep your body warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

  • High-Quality and Comfort

  • 35 Fashionable Colours and Year-round use

  • Easy to care and Maintain

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

  • Jersey stretch developed for easy perfect fit

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Silky Jersey – Long Pile 100% Combed Cotton Fitted Bed Sheets

Extra-Fine Combed Cotton is an additional preparatory process that uses fine brushes to remove impurities, discard shorter fibers and straighten the longer remaining fibers. Spinning combed cotton creates a yarn that is compact, fine and strong, which creates fabric that’s soft and durable. Silky-Jersey sheets are made out of the absolute best quality by top experts with many years of experience in manufacturing fitted sheets. For silky-jersey we have used 100% combed cotton (140 gsm). We further refined it by using innovative techniques and adding a number of natural products such as aloe-Vera. This extra coating of the already very smoot cotton-thread gives it the extra touch. A unique feel, unequalled sensation is obtained by knitting the finest combed cotton with state-of-the-art machinery and applying a number of techniques and processes that further refine the texture of Silky-Jersey sheets and give them a durable live.

  • Extremely soft and Comfort

  • 12 Fashionable Colours and Year-round use

  • Perfect fit for every mattress

  • Exceptional Quality

  • Jersey stretch developed for easy perfect fit

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Flannel Fitted Sheets

Our Flannel fitted sheets collection is made of 100% Brushed Cotton. Flannel is a loosely knit fabric that is typically made from wool, cotton, or synthetic fibers. It is known for its softness, warmth, and affordability. Flannel bedding is especially popular for making beds cozy in winter months. Flannel sheets use a weight indicator rather than thread count to measure quality. Double Jersey Flannel Collection is produced from beautiful 100% soft cotton, breathable and very resistant quality material. Whenever you touch it, you will love it and dream about it. Enjoy a warm cozy bed sheet in the long and cold winter nights !

  • A Bedding for Winter and All Year

  • Suitable for all mattresses

  • Textile Care with Safe Sensation

  • High- Quality materials

  • Innovative waving technique

You deserve it…

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